The Netherlands: Entry Market to the EU

The Netherlands: Entry Market to the EU
Springboard to the EU Market

The Netherlands is the logistics gateway to the European market. Besides the central location in the heart of Europe’s main consumer markets, the excellent seaport and airport facilities and advanced and extensive infrastructure, the Dutch logistics industry is well-developed, making the Netherlands the ideal location to serve your European customers.

When planning the setup of a distribution center in Europe, your company will have to decide on the best location. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the different possible sites, you will have to decide which one best meets your specific requirements and provides the right balance between cost and quality.

Many life sciences companies put their (European) Headquarter, Marketing & Sales office or Distribution Center in the Netherlands.

The central geographical position of the Netherlands and its outstanding infrastructure make it the ideal gateway to start expanding your business. Superior logistics infrastructure 

  • The Netherlands acts as the logistics hub for Europe through the Rotterdam port (Europe’s largest) and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (named best European airport for 2013), both with renowned service levels.
    Strategic central location in the center of the three largest European economies: Germany, France and the UK – 170 million consumers (half of the EU) within a 300- mile (482.8 km) radius. Approximately 244 million consumers in a 600 miles radius.
  • The Netherlands features one of the most highly educated, flexible and motivated workforces in Europe. 
  • Due to its exceptional number of bilateral investment treaties, the Netherlands is a secure place from which to make your investments. 
  • The Dutch political/financial climate has been very stable for decades. 
  • The Netherlands ranks eighth position among the cleanest countries in the world with respect to the perceived level of public sector corruption.
Arjan Hock, Sales & Marketing consultant at CBI